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An easier, better way to start solids.
A fully-guided, tried & tested plan,  
backed by latest nutritional science.

Baby Bites is a 12-week program guiding parents through how to strategically introduce first foods to:
1) train tastebuds to prevent picky eating 
2) develop independent, self-feeding skills  
3) build healthy eating habits for lifelong health

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What's included?

Ditch the hours of research, planning and info overload. We've done all the work for you!
  • Asian Cuisine, Halal Friendly
  • Best of BLW + traditional approaches
  • 6 Video Guides 
  • 12 Weeks of Meal Plans
  • 40+ Recipes & How-Tos
  • 60 New Foods including 9 Common Allergens 
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* Feeding Tools: We recommend that parents have them prior to starting Baby Bites course as these will help with feeding and also make prep work for the meals a lot easier.  
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